【SD/DD~SD16】Serenade Dress set


Free size:DD(M&L)&&SDGR女&SD16&SD13&SD 1/3 girl

set content:



❸silk belt

★The clothes this time are made of fine high-density cotton fabrics produced in Japan. Smoky pink, white and black fabrics will have a sheen to them. The mint blue ones are produced by a different manufacturer and have no luster.

★The clothes are made of French lace.

★The blue and green ribbons are gradient dyed.

★White bustle with mint blue, smoke pink and white, black bustle with black.

★Depending on regional temperature and humidity, color transfer may occur on black fabrics. So we don’t recommend wearing it for long periods of time.

★Please note that due to the long holiday in China during the Lunar New Year, the production cycle of this series will be longer than usual. Production time takes approximately three and a half months from the end of pre-order mail order.

【SD/DD~SD16】Serenade Dress set
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