【SDM/MDD~1/4doll】Serenade Dress set


S size:MDD&SDM&soom1/4doll

set content:



❸silk belt

【Appointment time】

2024.3.30 21:00 ~ 2024.4.7 23:00

You can order without limit during pre-order period. Pre-order items.From order to shipment it takes about 2.5 months.If there is any delay in shipping due to unavoidable circumstances , we will contact you in advance.

★The clothes this time are made of fine high-density cotton fabrics produced in Japan. Smoky pink, white and black fabrics will have a sheen to them. The mint blue ones are produced by a different manufacturer and have no luster.

★The clothes are made of French lace.

★The blue and green ribbons are gradient dyed.

★Depending on regional temperature and humidity, color transfer may occur on black fabrics. So we don’t recommend wearing it for long periods of time.

【SDM/MDD~1/4doll】Serenade Dress set
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