Free size:DD(M&L)&&SDGR女&SD16&SD13&SD 1/3 girl

【Appointment time】

2023.05.06 21:00 ~ 2023.05.14 23:00

💙You can order without limit during pre-order period.

💙This design is made of swimwear fabric, and the overlock inside is all made of elastic white thread in order to prevent dyeing.

💙The polka-dot fabric is printed with reference to the color of the swimsuit fabric, and the closest color is adjusted as much as possible. It is difficult to print the exact same color.
💙The decorative bow and pleated elastic are dyed according to the color of the swimsuit fabric.
 💙Out of stock problem will not happen during this period, hence we highly recommend customer to place one order for multiple purchases. The production is expected to take approximately 2 months.
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